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Florida law is tough on drinking and driving. Many Floridians are arrested for Driving Under the Influence without putting the keys in the ignition, or even sitting in the driver’s seat of their car. This most often happens after a night out and when someone tries to “sleep it off” in their car before driving…

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A Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension is a very serious five-year mandatory driver’s license suspension under Florida law. If you’ve received a Habitual Traffic Offender notice or are charged with driving on a Habitual Traffic Offender suspension, it’s extremely important that you call an attorney immediately. Prosecutors take driving on these suspensions very seriously and often…

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Car insurance can be confusing. What type of insurance do you have? If you are injured in a car accident, will you have enough coverage to protect yourself and your family? Will you be able to get a rental car? How much medical coverage do you have? Will you be covered for injuries that require…

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