Attorney Nick Zissimopulos Wins an AVVO Clients’ Choice Award for 2017! - Glassman and Zissimopulos | Injury - Car Accident - Criminal Defense

A couple of months ago, my law partner Dan Glassman did something special for me. He helped me celebrate my 40th birthday with two things that I love doing – watching live baseball and hanging out with old friends. I thanked him for the generous gift with a card because I wanted him to know how much that meant to me. My mom always said if someone does something nice for you, it is a good thing to let them know you are grateful, and if possible, to do it in writing.

I have been really blessed to live in this community, work as an attorney – a job I absolutely love –and have the trust and confidence of my clients. Many of those clients have been willing to express their feelings about me on websites like Those generous reviews have resulted in a pretty cool honor – I was given the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award for 2017. To all of my clients whose kinds words made this happen, THANK YOU!

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