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My name is Nick Zissimopulos.  I’m a lawyer and partner in the Gainesville based law office of Glassman & Zissimopulos.  We focus our practice on helping people who have been injured in automobile accidents or suffered losses because of someone else’s negligence.  I am board certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar.  This allows me to be recognized as an expert in that area.  There are nearly 100,000 lawyers in Florida and less than 400 lawyers have that certification.  As a result of this experience and expertise, I also represent people who have been accused of state and federal crimes.  I read the local Gainesville news every day and this blog is simply a reflection of my thoughts on some of the top law related stories.
– Nick G. Zissimopulos, Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer.  

I am now a law partner with Dan Glassman at Glassman & Zissimopulos Law. I focus my practice on criminal defense and personal injury matters. This blog is a collection of my thoughts that are inspired by local stories arising here in Gainesville and North Central Florida.

 Woman killed when limb falls; funds sought after sturgeon-strike death – Gainesville Sun

When I read the story that is linked above in the newspaper article, it broke my heart. It is a reminder of the preciousness and frailty of life. I was driving this last Sunday during one of these torrential downpours in Gainesville. I was on Archer Road and could not see even a few feet in front of me. The roads were wet, the vision was poor and I was nervous. As I drove through a more residential area, I actually noticed the wind rocking and swaying several trees ahead. I was worried.
My concern did not come from some irrational fear. Dan Glassman and I have handled cases at Glassman & Zissimopulos Law involving serious injury and amputation resulting from falling trees. Sometimes these trees fall and it is a completely unavoidable car accident. But other times, there were clear warning signs that the trees were damaged, rotting and susceptible to falling and causing injury.

Dan Glassman and I have worked with experts, arborists and tree specialists, who have explained to us that there are warning signs that should give the land owner notice that a particular tree is likely to fall. During storm season it is important as a landowner to be diligent to inspect your own trees to make sure that you are taking measures to protect yourself, your property and those around you.

If you are injured as a result of a falling tree and have suffered loss, it may be because of the preventable negligence of another person. At Glassman & Zissimopulos Law, we have the knowledge and experience to investigate these incidents and help those clients who put their faith in our law firm. If you have suffered a loss or an injury and want to partner with lawyers who put clients first, give us a call today at 352-505-4515 or find out more about us at

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