Depositions: What Are They and What Do you Need to Know?

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You’ll most likely need to give a deposition when you’re in litigation. If you’ve never had this experience, the idea can be intimidating. It’s okay to be nervous. At Glassman & Zissimopulos, we work with personal injury cases such as car accidents or slip and fall cases, and when we get to litigation, we are here to help prepare our clients. Here is what to expect when you’re facing a deposition.

What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a formal statement given under oath but not within the courtroom. A witness or party of the legal dispute usually provides it. During a deposition, an attorney will ask questions, and the witness must answer truthfully. Depositions typically happen during the discovery phase of the legal process and are designed to uncover evidence and testimony. In the case of witnesses, it helps preserve the recollection of events that will later be used at trial. They are typically conducted privately, and the transcription is used as evidence in court.  

What Questions to Expect

Of course, many of the questions you’re asked under oath will depend mainly on why you’re being deposed. But questions are often part of basic categories. They can include:

  • Introductory questions such as asking if you understand what it means to be under oath, if you’ve ever been deposed before, if anything could prevent you from answering questions, or ensuring that you will let the person asking questions if you need clarification.
  • Identification questions include your name, where you live, age, date of birth, educational history, and legal history.
  • Deposition preparation questions like how you prepared, if you’ve spoken to anyone other than your attorney about this case, if you have talked to reporters, or what documents pertaining to the case have you reviewed.

Once you answer these introductory, identification, and deposition prep questions, you’ll be asked specific questions about the case.

Your Most Important Role

The most important thing for you to know when prepping for a deposition is that you need to be 100% honest. There is not a single honest thing you could say that can hurt your case more than even the tiniest lie. It’s okay if you’ve had prior accidents or workers’ compensation claims. It’s okay that these things have happened before, but you must be honest. We stress the importance of honesty; coming across as likable and trustworthy is essential in the deposition.

Confidence Coaching

We also want you to feel confident and comfortable when giving a deposition. If you’ve never had it done and don’t know what it is, it can be intimidating or even scary, and that’s okay. It’s completely normal. When we handle car accident cases, slip and fall cases, or personal injury cases that go to litigation and our clients need to be deposed; we spend at least two prep sessions with you before the deposition. We explain what it is, the questions we anticipate, and how you can prepare mentally to be ready when you arrive.

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