How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Questions to Ask

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No one is happy to need a personal injury lawyer, but when they have to, the lawyer must be excellent at what they do. We know that if you’re injured, you need someone who will be in your corner, fighting for the recovery you deserve. Googling “personal injury lawyer near me” will return many results, so how do you pick one that’s right for you? Here are the questions you should ask when contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Is Personal Injury Your Specialization?

Some people are generalists. There is a poor joke among lawyers that some practice Door Law, meaning they will take anything that comes in the door.  They practice all kinds of law but may not have mastered all of them. Other people are specialists who focus on a specific practice area and grow their knowledge and skills.

Our team has extensive experience in personal injury law and can work with you to determine the best recovery and fight with you every step of the way.

Are You Willing to Go to Trial if Necessary?

Many of us have an image of lawyers constantly in court arguing a case in front of judges. But this isn’t always what happens; cases are often settled out of court. But you still want a lawyer who has experience in a courtroom setting and is willing to stand up with you when you need them.

Our team will go to trial when necessary to ensure your rights are protected.  Our lawyers have even taught trial skills to students and other practicing lawyers. 

What is Your Settlement History?

Before you choose a personal injury lawyer, you want to know more about their history of settlements. How much can they get their clients in their personal injury cases? It’s hard to put a dollar amount on something so emotional and traumatic, but in our legal system, it’s the best way to find justice.

Visit the home page to see our settlement history.

What Affiliations Do You Have?

A lawyer’s credentials go beyond law school graduation and passing the bar. Attorneys often hold multiple affiliations, which help differentiate them within the law. For example, a Super Lawyer status is a prestigious award granted to only a handful of attorneys throughout the country.

Review our Attorney’s pages to see what affiliations our team has.

Can I Talk to References?

Any lawyer that obscures access to former clients may be hiding something. You always want to be able to see reviews and talk to references. This will give you a picture of how the law firm has helped others in similar situations.

See our reviews on the website and talk to us about references.

Why Glassman & Zissimopulos?

Are you ready to talk with a personal injury lawyer about your situation? Contact Glassman & Zissimopulos to learn more. You’ll speak directly with an attorney whenever you pick up the phone. You’ll never be funneled into a call center or answering service. This is our commitment to you. When we say Put Clients First, we mean it. 

Call Glassman and Zissimopulos and our team of dedicated attorneys today.

(352) 505-4515 or Toll-Free at (844) 787-2543

Glassman and Zissimopulos is a local law firm dedicated to getting the money our clients deserve after an injury or accident.

We are a local law firm representing clients throughout North Central Florida. We have a staff of dedicated professionals who understand that everyone should be treated in the most respectful way. It’s the same way we would want to be treated if we came to you in our time of need.

We treat every client like family because, to us, they are.

We build genuine relationships and earn your trust.


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