Everything You Need to Know About Prosecutors

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We know that most of what most people know about the courtroom is learned from TV. And just like some of the other considerations we’ve written about, Prosecutors have also been fictionalized on the screen. So what do you need to know about prosecutors, their role in the court, and why it’s crucial you work with a local lawyer on your case?

What Does a Prosecutor Do?

A prosecutor in Florida, similar to prosecutors in other jurisdictions, is primarily responsible for representing the state in criminal cases. They work on behalf of the government to ensure that justice is served and that those who violate the law are held accountable for their actions. Here are some key responsibilities and duties of a prosecutor in Florida:

  • Case Evaluation: Prosecutors review cases referred by law enforcement agencies to determine if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with criminal charges. They assess the strength of the case, evaluate witness credibility, and determine if it is in the public’s best interest to pursue charges.
  • Charging Decisions: Prosecutors decide which charges should be filed against a defendant based on the evidence and applicable laws. They consider factors such as the seriousness of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history, and any mitigating or aggravating circumstances.
  • Pretrial Proceedings: Prosecutors prepare for trial by conducting investigations, gathering evidence, and interviewing witnesses. They may negotiate plea deals with defense attorneys, which involve defendants agreeing to plead guilty to lesser charges or accepting a proposed sentence.
  • Trial Advocacy: Prosecutors present the state’s case during trial, including examining witnesses, introducing evidence, and making legal arguments. They aim to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and convince the judge or jury of the defendant’s guilt.
  • Victim Advocacy: Prosecutors support and guide crime victims throughout the legal process. They inform victims of their rights, keep them updated on case developments, and represent their interests during court proceedings.
  • Sentencing Recommendations: Prosecutors make recommendations to the court regarding appropriate sentences for convicted individuals. They consider factors such as the severity of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history, and any relevant sentencing guidelines.
  • Appeals: In cases where a conviction is obtained, prosecutors may handle requests filed by defendants challenging their convictions or sentences. They defend the legality and fairness of the trial proceedings and argue against any errors alleged by the defense.

It’s important to note that prosecutors’ specific duties and practices may vary between different jurisdictions within Florida, depending on the nature of the case and the resources available to the prosecutor’s office.

Hiring a Local Lawyer

We always advocate for hiring a local lawyer. We’ll get calls to go down to central or south Florida for cases, and sometimes I will. But I encourage people to find a local lawyer because they understand the community and, more importantly, the prosecutors in the area.

In Alachua County and surrounding areas, including Lake City and Marion County, we generally know who the prosecutor will be on each case. We can look it up on our local clerk’s computer, or we’ll know which case falls on the docket and which prosecutor will likely have it.

If we’ve worked with these prosecutors in the past, we’ll know their tendencies and preferences. We’ll know if they want information early and if they will decide based on details that don’t come from the defense lawyer or if they rely heavily on police records or the alleged victim.

Every case is different, and we know that prosecutors can also react differently to cases, so we don’t count on this to be the end-all-be-all of our preparation, but it is a critical piece of the puzzle.

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